7 DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Door in Tip Top Shape

A garage door is easy to ignore but this is a bad idea. Why? Because having a broken overhead door is not just a hassle. It is a danger. The garage door is the largest moving object in your home. It is also possibly your home’s hardest working component. So how do you make sure that your garage stays in top shape to avoid injuries? Read our garage door maintenance checklist.

1. Look at the appearance of your garage door

In case you have a wooden garage door, have it carefully examined for joints or areas that could be having water damage. These often need immediate repair. Also check for areas that have peeling paint and scrape, sand and then repaint them. After making all the repairs, wash the door using an appropriate cleaner. It is advisable to go for a multipurpose cleaner made for wood, metal and vinyl. Rinse the door thoroughly and then allow it to dry.

2. Inspect rollers that enable the door to close and open
• If there are any cracked or damaged rollers, make sure you replace them immediately.
• Use an appropriate lubricant to oil the rollers. WD is recommended for metal rollers but should not be used on vinyl or rubber rollers.
garage-door133. Lift your garage door half-way and then let it go
The garage door ought to stay at that level. In case you notice that it continues rising or falling to the ground, this is a sign that you need to call for a garage door service Orlando Florida. This is because it is only a trained professional who can adjust cables and springs of a garage door.

4. Inspect tracks and use a level so as to ensure that they are straight or plumb up and down
In case they are not, you need to adjust them according to manufacturer’s instructions. Take care not to adjust tracks more than � inch. This is best left to a garage door service Orlando Florida professional as it can affect other components of the door.
5. Inspect the door hinges and tighten lose bolts
Also make sure that you examine bolts contained on the roller hinges. Also, clean the bearings inside hinges by having them soaked in mineral spirits. In order to avoid having problems with the door, clean the bearings one at a time.
6. Examine the door springs and cables (if your door has them)
At no time should you ever try to adjust overhead door springs by yourself as the high tension can be dangerous. In case the metal appears rusted, pitted or stressed, call for service. You may lubricate it lightly by spraying it using silicone-based spray.
7. Lift your garage door up and examine the weather stripping just to make sure that it is in proper shape
In case it isn’t in top shape, or your garage door doesn’t have a stripping, measure length and the width of the door. Buy the weather stripping of the appropriate size at your nearest Orlando Overhead Door Company.
While most people ignore their garage doors, the truth is that this is a big mistake that could even cause loss of lives. Make sure you carry out the simple maintenance tips above to keep your garage door in tip top shape.

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